About us

Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Pakite Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D and production of wireless audio-visual transmission, intelligent remote control series products and technologies, with cutting-edge R & D and technical personnel in the industry. The products under the independent brand "pakite" include: wireless audio-visual transmitter, digital set-top box wireless sharer, HDMI wireless high-definition audio-visual transmitter, infrared signal wireless repeater and other consumer electronic products. The products are exported to more than 100 countries around the world, becoming a leader in the industry.

corporate culture

Mission: create value for users, improve employees' happiness, and contribute to social development.

Vision: to become a global brand with value and temperature.

Values: user centered, sincere and dedicated.

Business philosophy: through continuous optimization, gradually build an efficient and viable organization, strive for and create opportunities to provide users with valuable products and services, so as to obtain reasonable returns.

Brand concept

Live for you/ born for you

Take users as the center, and make users' life more wonderful through high-quality products and services! Iveno adheres to the "altruistic" culture and does things of value and long-term interests to users and society.

In the process of product development, keep an open mind, invite users to participate in product design and development, and truly realize that products are born for users and innovate for users; In terms of service, we took the lead in taking measures such as 7-day no reason to return and replace, worry free after-sales service for quality problems, and opened a user community with wechat and other we media as the carrier to facilitate the dialogue between users and brands.


Pakite team is a new era talent echelon with a global vision. The team members are mainly composed of product, R & D, design, marketing and service talents, including R & D and design elites from traditional manufacturing industry, as well as marketing service talents from the Internet and cross-border trade. Open, enthusiastic and enterprising, iveno people pay attention to products, learn new technologies and trends with an open mind, and maintain investment in product research and development and team talents.

With the mission of smart manufacturing in China, Pakite is determined to provide global users with high-quality, excellent design, reasonable price products and excellent services, so that iverra can become an innovative digital accessories brand trusted and respected by users all over the world.

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